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School of
Management and
Career Development

The School of Management and Economics attaches great importance to providing students with opportunities for social service, internships, career development and further study that will fully equip them for their future.

In 2016, the school set up a Career Development Center (SME CDC) with professional consultants for student’s comprehensive career planning, guidance and development. The center provides general, personalized, and systematic career training, thereby enhancing the student’s professionalism and career competitiveness.  

The SME CDC, the University, alumni and enterprises aim to foster strong ties and maintain productive collaboration to nurture the students’ career goals and explore career choices through variety of counseling and activities, including career workshops, mentorship program, company visit, industry talk, and networking events.

Moreover, CDC actively extended its service by providing advice and support for students for graduate application overseas.  Through one-on-one individual counseling, online and onsite information sessions, training courses and lectures on application strategies and documentation preparation, CDC assists students to their need and improves the performance of students in seeking graduate education overseas.

  • 4 Planning

    Career planning guidance

    Career Development Planning
    One - on - one professional coaching or counseling
    Job skills training
    Employment literacy training and development

  • 6 Development

    Career development guidance

    One-on-one counseling
    Job search tool
    Industry lecture
    Internship opportunity
    Company visit

  • 3 Study

    Guidance for further studies

    One-on-one counseling
    Learning tools