Mission & Vision

Career Development Center of the school of Management and Economics (SME-CDC) is committed to providing SME students with an integrated platform of career planning and exploration, internship or full-time job, graduate study and professional development that will empower them in striving for their career aspirations, achieving a transformation from “academic talents” to “business leaders".

Student and Alumni Support

One-on-one Career Planning Counselling

SME-CDC consists of the Global Career Development Facilitators (GCDF), who offer customized career counselling to students and alumni professionally and effectively.

Internship/Job Search Support

SME-CDC actively integrates resources from schools, industry, and alumni, aiming to nurture the students’ career goals and explore career choices through variety of career activities.

Graduate Study Support

SME-CDC provides support and advice on graduate study application through one-on-one counselling, information session, application guidance to assist students to their further study’s planning and application.

Alumni Support

SME-CDC continues to provide career support to graduates to help alumni enhance their employability and broaden their professional networks.

External Cooperation

Career Planning and Exploration

SME Career Mentorship Program

Industry Talk

Corporate Visit


Corporate Collaboration

Practice Base Co-Construction

Job Talk / Job Fair

Talent Recommendation

Industry-University Cooperation


Career Development Support

Competency Enhancement Sharing

Professional Development Advisor


Further Study Support

Sharing and Workshop

Program Information Session


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Address: TA 402-403, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, 2001 Longxiang Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

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