Year 4 Student Application Experience Sharing Session

19:00-20:00,Mar 27


Detailed Introduction

Dear students,


We are inviting Year 4 students who got offers from top universities to share their lessons- and- learn during their graduate school application. We hope you all can take the key messages from their experiences and get down to your own planning along your way in college.  Here is the arrangement for our  third online sharing session.



Student Speaker:


Yanming Gao,2016 Global Management, applying for MS in Social Science

Offers received include MS at LSE, University College London.


Date and time:

March 27,  Friday 7:00pm -8:00pm


Venue: Online via Zoom

Zoom meeting  link:

Zoom meeting ID: 979 198 167



·         Why I changed the learning subject?

·         Planning and preparation

·         Lesson and Learn

·         Q&A

Language: Chinese

- END -

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