Intercultural Communication Skills (Part 2)

17:00-18:00,Nov 19
TA 202


Detailed Introduction

SME Career Development Center (CDC) and Centre for Self-Access Language Learning (SALL)are jointly organizing the workshop on Intercultural Communication Skills.


In this workshop, the speaker will offer an overview of intercultural communication and intercultural competence. Cultural differences between China and the West in areas such as personal space, problem solving, and power distance will be discussed. Since many students intend to pursue further study or internships abroad, special attention will be given to Western expectations and conventions. Workshop participants will be introduced to simple and concrete intercultural communication skills. 



Learning Outcomes


Students will:


·         be able to define intercultural communication and intercultural competence

·         learn some important differences between Chinese and Western culture

·         reflect on their communication style and its effectiveness (especially in a Western setting)

·         learn several essential strategies to immediately improve communication

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