SME Toastmasters Club 4th Meeting

15:00-17:00,Apr 21
TA 202


Detailed Introduction

Are you looking to:


  • Develop your confidence and be comfortable to make presentations?

  • Grow as a leader to enhance your career competency?

  • Improve your communication and public speaking skills?

  • Expand your social and professional network?


Are you ready to:


  • Meet industry leaders, seasoned Toastmasters and eloquent public speakers?

  • Be a member of a 94-year old international organization with 352,000 memberships worldwide?

  • Experience a supportive learn-by-doing environment that will help you to achieve your goal?


Feedback of SME students on the 3rd meeting:


“This demo meeting was sensational! I was so impressed by all of the guests and fellow students who participated in it.

I learnt lots of practical skills from this meeting, and making progress every time. Love this energetic atmosphere!”



“I gave an impromptu speech for two minutes and it was a really interesting experience! It was a precious opportunity for me to receive tailored evaluation from Vicky.

I also benefited a lot from the workshop on leadership. It was my first time to participate in a Toastmasters meeting.

The well-organized procedure and warm atmosphere left a deep impression on me. Looking forward to the next meeting!     




Please come and join us



The details of the 4th meeting are as follows:


What: SME Toastmasters Club 4th Meeting

When: April 21, 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 15:00 pm – 17:00 pm

Venue: TA 202

Language: English

Registration: Please scan the QR code to register






Meet our Guest Evaluators:





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